BadPower Attack – Hackers Invade Fast Charger to Break Your Device fullz sites 2021, best site for fullz

Fast Charging is a popular feature with most of the smartphones that let users charge their batteries faster than normal. The Fast Charging works by increasing the voltage and thus charges batteries faster than normal.
Fast Charging technology has emerged in recent years, a large number of chargers, charging treasures, car chargers, and other products supporting fast charging technology.
The fast charger is completed by one end with power supply and another end of the charging cable is the power receiving end.
These processes are handled by firmware that stored in the fast charge management chip at the power supply terminal and the power receiver terminal.
The fast charger protocols include power transmission and data transmission functions, some devices have built-in read and write functions but they are lacking security checks.
Chinese security researchers from Xuanwu Lab tested 35 of the fast charges, at least 18 of them had BadPower problems.
Two possible attack scenarios;
To note the BadPower Attack doesn’t result in data leakage, but it destroys the user’s digital device. The demand for fast charging products is growing, so there is a chance for a number of users to get affected.
By issuing an update the device manufacturers can take measures to repair BadPower problems, normal users can avoid this attack by not giving your own chargers, power banks, etc. to others.
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