Facebook data of 500M+ users from 106 countries leaked online cardingforumnet, procrdtop

For the last couple of years, a Facebook database containing the personal and contact information of more than 500 million users kept popping up on several hacker forums where threat actors offered the data for $30,000.
Hackread.com exclusively reported on the incident back in May 2020 in which the database contained user info from 82 countries. Now, another database with records of 533 million Facebook users from 106 countries has been leaked online.
It can be confirmed that the database is available on several Telegram channels along with hacker forums. The good news is that no passwords were leaked however, an in-depth analysis of the records will be published later. As of now, the database contains the following information:
No, Facebook was not hacked neither were its servers breached to steal your data. This database is the result of web data scrapping which depending on its use is an illegal technique in which a computer program (bots) extracts data from a website. 
Remember, third-party firms can use data scrapping, a fairly common practice to extract the personal information of users from websites like Facebook or Twitter. Facebook in particular  allows users to access third-party websites by using their existing Facebook login information.
This information can be accessed by cybercriminals in case proper security measures are not implemented. For instance, malicious elements can use ‘scraper bots’ to extract private information anonymously.
This screenshot shows Facebook data belonging to Egyptian users (Image: Hackread.com)
Hackread.com is conducting an in-depth analysis of the leaked data and its results will be published soon. Nevertheless,  the victims of the breach  are yet again unsuspecting Facebook users who are now open to phishing scams, smishing attacks ( SMS phishing ), and identity theft using publically available photos on their profiles, etc.
If you are on Facebook, make sure to limit the information you share with the public. Also, keep your personal photos only accessible to those in your friend lists rather than public. Or you can simply learn  how to permanently delete your Facebook account .
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