Famous U.K. Soccer Club Becomes the Next Victim of a Cyber Attack bingo dumps cc, 21 dump street cc

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The famous UK soccer club Manchester United recently became the next victim of a cyber attack. The club stated that the personal data from fans have not been stolen.
According to the club’s statement, “The club has taken swift action to contain the attack and is working with expert advisers to investigate the incident,” “Our cyber defences identified the attack and shut down affected systems to contain the damage and protect data,” the statement added.
The soccer club also stated that protocols and procedures are in place for these types of incidents. The case is still under investigation. 
If Manchester United did not have any protocols in place for these types of incidents, this situation could have been much worse. That’s why new-school security awareness training is so important for your end users to be trained on security best practices and how they can be vigilant and report a potential attack. 
BBC Sports News has the full story . 
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