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We recently completed a benchmarking test of 16 devices from cameras to home automation controllers to thermostats.  The devices were examined head to head to derive conclusions on the relative state of security across the board.
What did we find?  We wouldn’t be posting this if we thought there was nothing to be concerned about.  We found that in general, the Internet of Things (IoT) industry has some work to do in terms of following best security practices.
That said, we did identify some companies that are doing the right thing with few exceptions.  In particular, Nest was the overall leader across the categories we tested.
Other companies were also strong in certain areas. Hive, for example, demonstrated encrypted communications and automatic firmware updates. And Control 4 had a strong password policy.
To assess the security of the various products, we played out four attack scenarios:
The Following Devices Were Examined:
Conclusions Based on Each Scenario:
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Best Practices:
All this being said, what we want people to take away is that risks aren’t something to be afraid of, they should be understood and then avoided where possible and mitigated where they are not. This is an outline of Synack suggestions for basic standards to set the bar for the industry:
Study funded in part by Nest Labs, Inc.  Results are independent analysis conducted by Synack.
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